pure::variants for your model-based software development  

pure::variants interacts with other MBSE tools to add variant information to your models, meaning, among other things, that consistent model variants can be configured within a master model structure.


pure::variants for MathWorks’ Simulink is simply the most efficient tool for creating and managing reusable Simulink models (including TargetLink models). Our tool allows you to effectively reuse both complete models and individual elements.

Enterprise Architect

pure::variants for Enterprise Architect provides the tools to seamlessly manage your variants and customize Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect models (including SysML and UML models), meaning you can reuse both elements and entire models.

EMF Feature


pure::variants for EMF Feature Mapping lets you efficiently create and manage reusable, consistent models and elements with the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).


pure::variants for AUTOSAR enables you to manage your variants seamlessly when it comes to your AUTOSAR models. Model variants can be configured and managed within a master model structure, letting you reuse both elements and models.

IBM Engineering System Design Rhapsody Model Manager

pure::variants for Rhapsody Model Manager offers holistic variant management and model adaptations for IBM Rational Rhapsody models, including all SysML and UML models. Individual elements or entire models can be reused easily.

Magic Draw

pure::variants for MagicDraw provides tools for seamless variant management and model adaptations for MagicDraw models, including all SysML and UML models. pure::variants lets you generate model variants from any master project which can then be reused again.


pure::variants for Capella lets you add variability information to Capella projects and derive variants, meaning system engineers who use the Capella tool can work on Capella projects. For anyone yet to use it, Eclipse’s open-source solution Capella is a comprehensive, upgradeable and field-tested MBSE tool for successfully engineering system architectures.