Product line management that’s the perfect fit

Make your engineering processes faster, simpler and more reliable – with pure-systems holistic variant management software. Increase your company’s value, both immediately and sustainably, by creating room for new innovations.


pure::variants offers a holistic solution to the challenges posed by an increasingly individualized and complex software engineering market. Slotting right into your existing process chains, pure::variants uses the similarities between products in your product lines to optimize the whole process. 

The pros of pure::variants

It’s easy to integrate

pure::variants slots seamlessly into your existing tools and processes, all while supporting you in orchestrating and updating your tools. 

Its approach is holistic

pure::variants considers your engineering processes as a whole, optimizing workflows, ensuring efficient management and helping you break away from silo thinking.

It’s a tailor-made one-stop solution

pure::variants is quick and easy to integrate and can be tailored to meet your exact individual needs.


It’s flexible where required

pure::variants is flexible enough to accommodate your demands: Finding a practical solution is always at the heart of the development process.

It offers everything you need

pure::variants, combined with our pure::consult service, allows you to execute complex projects faster, in shorter timeframes, with tailor-made training to support the process.

It’s future


pure::variants was developed to tackle the real challenges facing the industry, both now and in the future, and promotes lean, complex and global product development processes.

It’ll save you serious money

pure::variants reduces development costs by increasing the number of times you can reuse existing systems, as well as hardware and software architectures.



In pure::variants we have developed a truly unique tool that meets state-of-the-art development requirements for product lines with a wide range of variants. Now we’re looking for creative minds to join us on that journey and become a part of the team that creates the engineering of tomorrow. Are you up for the challenge? 



Holistic solutions require a holistic understanding of service. With pure::consult we combine consulting and other services to support you in executing your complex projects more quickly and more effectively.

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pure::variants 5.0.7 has been released

pure::variants  5.0.7 is a service release that includes a number of notable feature additions and improvements.